Why C-astro?

C-Astro bring to you advisory consultation for queries about every field of life weather it is Legal, Finance, Career, Vastu of your home or office and what star says about your life.

We are having specialist for every problems of you with whom you can consult with.

We offer platform for people to talk with registered professional/ experts/Advisors/Astrologer/Consultants. You need experts to speak with when required and without any effort, C-Astro is an app of Astrologer/Consultants from various fields. 


  • We are having specialist for every problem of you with whom you can consult with.
  • To take care of your legal matters our Authorized Legal Proficient team is ready to counsel you and save your precious time.
  • Our Finance Experts are here to nurture your thoughts and clear your doubts about Government taxes & Returns, yearly financial planning, commercial loans, investments etc.
  • Career Councillor are here in our panel to cultivate your ideas regarding your Professional Growth and shape your career.
  • Our Face and Palm reading Experts, Vaastu Guru & Astrologers bring a complete solution for all of your queries about your Life.


When you want some information instantly just talk to our esteemed panel of Astrologer/Consultants they are just a click away.